Happy Memorial Day…. Please take time to remember our Military Members.

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015

I’m a Mom to a United States Soldier and I take this day very personally… I’m also an Adopted Mom to my son’s best friend who’s a soldier, Aunt to a soldier, and supporter to many military men & women who have chosen a life that only a small percentage have chose. Men & Women who have written a blank check payable up to their lives to our United States government without even blinking an eye. Every day these Men & Women wake up not knowing if today’s the day they will get papers that will take them away from their families for weeks, months or god forbid even forever. A selfless life they chose to  do and have done for us to keep this great nation what it is.. Free… Free to be who we are, free to do things as we choose within legal limits, free to make choices, free to love what or who we want, just simply FREE… While thanking them is always a kind gesture when you see a Veteran or current Military Personnel it goes beyond that… remembering them everyday in our prayers, remembering to ask to keep them all safe & pray for their families that they return safe.. Military life is a hard life and remembering them just twice a year doesn’t seem sufficient enough to me.. They need to be remembered each and everyday for their selfless acts they do just so we can do what we choose and not be dictated to… After all they work every day, rain, sleet, snow, thunderstorm, dust storm, holidays, it doesn’t matter they work and do so without regret. So with that I would like you all to stop what you’re doing, put your hands together and say a little prayer just for our Military Men & Women out there.

Heavenly Father, I ask you today & everyday to please keep our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, friends and the unknown men & women safe and sound in your arms during their call to duty or time away from their families. Please wrap your arms tightly around those that they leave behind and comfort & guide them all to the paths of least resistance. Give them all the strength to carry on in their times of great need, rest your hands on their shoulders and show them the way when they ask for your help. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

I hope everyone has a wonderful & safe Memorial Day! God Bless You All!!!!!

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