Phew what’s that smell?.. DIY Shoe & Carpet Deodorizer

Someone call the coroner something has died in my kids shoes! LOL The other day my son came home from school and like any other typical teenager took off his shoes and proceeded to relax. Well, it wasn’t long after and everyone was pulling their shirts up over their noses to avoid the unpleasant aroma that was filling the room! I can handle many things but foot odor isn’t one of them, that’s when I went on my crusade to fix this displeasing situation. During my desperate search to find an odor killer I found this Homemade Carpet Deodorizer… So I thought hmmmm I wonder if it would work on my kids shoes?!?! All I can say is It Worked!!! The best part is it’s made with 2 ingredients… Baking Soda and Young Livings Purification Essential Oil…. You can find the recipe below!

Stinky shoes

Stinky Shoe Deodorizer

1 1/2 C. Baking Soda

10 drops YL Purification Essential Oil

(Alternative Oil Recipe 5 Drops YL Purification & 5 Drops YL Lemon Essential Oils)
1 Small Jar



Mix Purification oil into the baking soda and pour into the jar. Take the nail & hammer and make several holes in the lid so you have a shaker. Put the lid on the jar and commence to deodorizing! Remember this recipe is dual purpose… It not only Deodorizes shoes but it also makes carpets smell fantastic too!!! Give it a go I dare ya ; )

Carpet Deoderizer

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