Bugg’n out.. 2 DIY Bug Spray’s!

Ahhhhh smell that? It’s spring in full swing and with spring comes beautiful flowers, bugs, bees, ants.. You know, the trade off’s we get for putting “Old Man Winter” to bed though I must say Mr. Winter wasn’t to awful bad this year.. Anyhoo, back to the subject at hand 😉 Bugs! You know the kind… The ones that sit there and stalk your door waiting for any warm blooded creature to traverse through it then pounce on you before you get 10 feet from the door! UGH! Well not anymore… I have been able to freely walk out my door without being pestered by these flying creatures with these great DIY Bug Sprays!!! I can actually enjoy the outdoors and not be swatting or flailing my arms around looking like I’m creating some sort of new dance! LOL I knowww you all want this freedom too! So without further Adieu your bug spray recipes!

bug-sprayNon-Toxic Bug Spray

Bug Spray Recipe # 1

3 Drops YL Lavender

4 Drops YL Lemongrass

2 Drops YL Peppermint

4 Drops YL0 Citronella

4 Drops Purification

4 Oz. Witch Hazel

4 Oz. Glass Bottle with or without a spray nozzle

Put all the essential oils in the bottle first then finish filling it with the witch hazel then give it a gentle shake! Spray it on and go enjoy the Great Outdoors! 😉

Bug Spray Recipe # 2

12 Drops YL Purification

8 drops YL Peppermint

6 Drops YL Lavender

4 Drops YL Thieves

1/2 oz. Witch Hazel

Distilled water

4 oz glass or stainless steel bottle

Put all the essential oils in first then add the Witch Hazel.. Top off the remainder of the bottle with the distilled water! Shake before use and head outside to soak up some rays free from those pesky flying bugs!!!

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2 Responses to Bugg’n out.. 2 DIY Bug Spray’s!

  1. jbouschard says:

    Looking forward to trying these!!


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